95 Pages | 36 Exhibits | 2018 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2022 Product Family: Market Reports

This analysis includes a discussion of products, current/forecast markets, competitors, and opportunities in the global markets for advanced wound dressings (alginate, film, foam, hydrocolloid, hydrogel, wound contact layer, and antimicrobial) and advanced wound closure products (surgical sealants and glues energy-based wound closure products, automated suturing devices, and negative pressure wound therapy systems).


  • Product innovation and robust growth have intensified in the US advanced wound care products market in recent years; however, similar growth patterns have yet to be realized in other geographic regions. The US accounts for more than 50% of the advanced dressings and closure products market as a whole, and for nearly 70% of the NPWT segment.
  • The combined global market for advanced wound dressings and closure products totaled nearly $7.7bn in 2017, and is expected to climb at a CAGR of 6.7% over the forecast period, reaching more than $10.6bn in 2022.
  • Advanced wound dressings are experiencing particularly dynamic growth, driven by increased use of foam dressings. This market is expected to increase from $3.0bn in 2017 to $4.7bn in 2022, a CAGR of 9.5%.
Key Questions Answered
  • What are the key drivers and limiters to the global advanced dressings and closure products market?
  • Which competitors are leading the market and introducing new technology?
  • How are technological advancements impacting market growth?
  • Which areas of the advanced dressing and closure products market are experiencing dynamic growth?
  • How are mergers and acquisitions affecting the markets shares of leading competitors?

Executive Summary

i. Advanced wound dressings
ii. Advanced wound closure products
iii. Market analysis
iv. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: Advanced wound dressings and closure products, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 

1. Advanced Wound Dressings

1.1 Alginate dressings
	1.1.1 Market forecast
	1.1.2 Competitive analysis
1.2 Film dressings
	1.2.1 Market forecast
	1.2.2 Competitive analysis
1.3 Foam dressings
	1.3.1 Market forecast
	1.3.2 Competitive analysis
1.4 Hydrocolloid dressings 
	1.4.1 Market forecast
	1.4.2 Competitive analysis
1.5 Hydrogel wound care products
	1.5.1 Market forecast
	1.5.2 Competitive analysis
1.6 Wound contact layer dressings
	1.6.1 Market forecast
	1.6.2 Competitive analysis
1.7 Antimicrobial dressings 
	1.7.1 Market forecast
	1.7.2 Competitive analysis
1.8 Combined market analysis 
1.9 Bibliography

Exhibit 1-1: Selected alginate wound dressings, 2018 
Exhibit 1-2: Alginate wound dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 1-3: Alginate wound dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 1-4: Selected film wound dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-5: Film wound dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 1-6: Film wound dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 1-7: Selected foam wound dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-8: Foam wound dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 1-9: Foam wound dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 1-10: Selected hydrocolloid wound dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-11: Hydrocolloid wound dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 1-12: Hydrocolloid wound dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 1-13: Selected hydrogel wound dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-14: Hydrogel wound care products, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 1-15: Hydrogel wound care products market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 1-16: Selected wound contact layer dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-17: Wound contact layer dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 1-18: Wound contact layer dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 1-19: Selected silver-containing antimicrobial wound dressings, 2018
Exhibit 1-20: Silver-containing antimicrobial wound dressings, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 1-21: Silver-containing antimicrobial wound dressings market, share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 1-22: Advanced wound dressings, combined market forecast ($m), 2017-22

2. Advanced Wound Closure Products

2.1 Surgical sealants and glues
	2.1.1 Applications
	2.1.2 Fibrin sealants
	2.1.3 Autologous-processed sealants
	2.1.4 Collagen- and albumin-based sealants
	2.1.5 Cyanoacrylate-based sealants
	2.1.6 Polymer-based sealants 
	2.1.7 Market analysis
	2.1.8 Competitive analysis
2.2 Energy-based wound closure products
	2.2.1 Radiofrequency closure
	2.2.2 Ultrasonic closure
	2.2.3 Thermal closure
	2.2.4 Market analysis
	2.2.5 Competitive analysis
2.3 Automated suturing devices 
	2.3.1 Market analysis
	2.3.2 Competitive analysis
2.4 Negative pressure wound therapy 
	2.4.1 Market analysis
	2.4.2 Competitive analysis
2.5 Combined market analysis
2.6 Bibliography

Exhibit 2-1: Selected surgical sealants and glues, 2018 
Exhibit 2-2: Surgical sealants and glues, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 2-3: Surgical sealants and glues market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 2-4: Selected energy-based wound closure products, 2018 
Exhibit 2-5: Energy-based wound closure devices, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 2-6: Energy-based wound closure devices market, share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 2-7: Selected automated suturing devices, 2018
Exhibit 2-8: Automated suturing products, market forecast ($m), 2017-22
Exhibit 2-9: Automated suturing products market, share by supplier ($m), 2017 
Exhibit 2-10: Selected negative pressure wound therapy systems, 2018
Exhibit 2-11: Negative pressure wound therapy products, market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 2-12: Negative pressure wound therapy products market, share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 2-13: Advanced wound closure products, combined market forecast ($m), 2017-22 

Appendix: Company Listing 


  1. 3M Health Care/3M Company
  2. Acelity LP, Inc.
  3. Advanced Medical Solutions Groups PLC
  4. Afassco, Inc.
  5. Argentum Medical LLC
  6. Baxter Healthcare/Baxter International, Inc.
  7. BioMed Sciences, Inc.
  8. Cardinal Health, Inc.
  9. Cohera Medical, Inc.
  10. Coloplast AS
  11. ConvaTec Group PLC
  12. Covalon Technologies LTD
  13. CR Bard, Inc.
  14. CryoLife, Inc.
  15. CSL Behring/CSL Limited
  16. DermaRite Industries LLC
  17. Derma Sciences, Inc.
  18. DeRoyal Industries, Inc.
  19. EndoEvolution LLC
  20. EndoGastric Solutions, Inc.
  21. Ferris Manufacturing Corporation
  22. GEM SRL
  23. Gentell, Inc.
  24. Halyard Health, Inc.
  25. Harvest Technologies, Inc.
  26. Hollister, Inc.
  27. Isto Biologics, Inc.
  28. Johnson & Johnson
  29. LSI Solutions, Inc.
  30. Medela LLC/Olle Larsson Holding AG
  31. Medline Industries, Inc.
  32. Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies/Medtronic PLC
  33. Medtronic PLC
  34. Microline Surgical, Inc.
  35. Molnlycke Health Care AB
  36. MPM Medical, Inc.
  37. Mylan NV
  38. Nuo Therapeutics, Inc.
  39. Olympus Corporation
  40. PARE Surgical, Inc.
  41. Smith & Nephew PLC
  42. Southwest Technologies, Inc.
  43. TissueSeal, Inc.
  44. Tornier/Wright Medical Group, Inc.
  45. USGI Medical, Inc.
  46. Winfield Laboratories, Inc.
  47. Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.
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