200 Pages | 60 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2010 Product Family: Market Reports

This report is a detailed market and technology assessment and forecast of the current and emerging products in interventional cardiology. The report addresses the current state of development of these technologies, including an assessment of the market size and competitor shares for companies with products on the market. The report assesses current status and outlook for development of the technologies, products and markets, providing a ten-year forecast of the evolution of the market describing the expected timeline and market impact of technologies coming to market. The analysis reveals windows of opportunity for current and hopeful market competitors.


I.  Novel Coronary Revascularization Systems
	Ia.  Transmyocardial Revascularization
	Ib.  Photoangioplasty
	Ic.  Therapeutic Angiogenesis
II.  Emerging Stroke Prevention Systems
III.  AAA Stent Graft Systems
IV.  Vascular Puncture Closure Devices (VPCD)
Exhibit ES-1: Projected U.S. Epidemiology of Major Life-Threatening Cardiovascular Disorders, 2000-2005-2010
Exhibit ES-2: Projected Procedure Mix in Interventional Management of Major Cardiovascular Disorders, 2000-2010 (#000)
Exhibit ES-3:  U.S. PTCA vs. CABG, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-4:  U.S. Primary TMR/PTMR vs. CABG, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-5:  U.S. Carotid Endarterectomies vs. Carotid Stenting, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-6:  U.S. AAA Repair, Surgery vs. Endograft, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-7:  U.S. Vascular Puncture Closure, Compression vs. Device Closure, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-8: U.S. Markets for Novel Cardiovascular Interventional Products, 1999-2010  ($mil)
Exhibit ES-9: U.S. Markets for Novel Coronary Revascularization Systems, 1999-2010 ($ mil)
Exhibit ES-10: U.S. Markets for Interventional Stroke Prevention Systems, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-11: U.S. Markets for AAA Endovascular Repair Systems, 1999-2010
Exhibit ES-12: U.S. Markets for Vascular Puncture Closure Systems, 1999-2010

Section 1:  Cardiovascular Disorders - Clinical and Statistical Overview

1.1  Etiology of Cardiovascular Disease
1.2  Prevalent Cardiovascular Diseases Targeted by Novel Therapies
	1.2.1  Atherosclerosis   Complications Associated with Atherosclerosis  Causes and Mechanisms
	1.2.2  Ischemic Heart Disease
	1.2.3  Angina Pectoris Characterizing Angina  Stable Angina  Variant/Prinzmetal Angina  Classifying Angina and Treatment Options
	1.2.4  Acute Myocardial Infarction  Treatment for AMI
	1.2.5  Aortic Aneurysms  AA Treatment  Surgical Intervention  Endovascular Approach
	1.2.6  Stroke  Cerebral Thrombosis and Embolism  Hemorrhagic Stroke  Incidence and Treatment of Stroke
	1.2.7  Deep Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism  Thrombogenic Stimuli  Pulmonary Embolism
	1.2.8  Congestive Heart Failure  CHF Management

Exhibit 1-1: Estimated and Projected U.S. Epidemiology of Major Life-Threatening Cardiovascular Disorders, 2000-2005-2010

Section 2:  Established and Emerging Interventional Therapies for Major Life-Threatening Cardiovascular Disorders

2.1  Management of Advanced Coronary Artery Disease
	2.1.1  Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery  Less Invasive Techniques  "Off-Pump"  CABG  Minimally Invasive Direct CABG  Port Access CABG  Clinical Indications  Complications and Outcome  Associated Risk Factors  CABG vs. PTCA  End-User Trends and Procedure Volumes  Penetration Forecast
	2.1.2  Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty/Stenting  Advent of Stenting  Clinical Indications and Outcomes  End-Use Trends Procedural Volumes Emerging Therapies
	2.1.3  Transmyocardial Revascularization  Procedural Details  Percutaneous Transmyocardial Revascularization  Clinical Indications  Projected Patient Volume  Outcomes Transmyocardial Revascularization Systems on the Market and Under Development  Laser-Based TMR & PTMR Systems  PLC Medical  Eclipse Surgical Technologies PTMR Axcis System  Biosense Webster  Radiofrequency Ablation-Based PTMR Systems  Boston Scientific  Radius Medical  Mechanical PTMR Technology  Angiotrax  Other Emerging Competitors
	2.1.4  Photoangioplasty  Principles and Mechanisms of Photoangioplasty Acute Effects and Desired Characteristics  Photoangioplasty Products Under Development and Trial Results  Pharmacyclics  Preclinical Antrin Studies  Clinical Studies Using Antrin  Peripheral Artery Disease  Coronary Artery Disease  Miravant Medical Technologies  QLT Photo Therapeutics Inc.  Other Emerging Companies  Alternative Photodynamic Agent
	2.1.5  Therapeutic Angiogenesis  Principles and Types of Therapeutic Angiogenesis  Therapeutic Angiogenesis Products Under Development & Trial Results  Genentech  Chiron Corporation  Vascular Genetics  Collateral Therapeutics  GenVec Hybrid Angiogenesis-PTMR Therapies  Vascular Genetics/Biosense Webster Vical/Boston Scientific Cardiodyne
2.2  Management of Carotid Artery Occlusion and Stroke Prevention
	2.2.1  Carotid Endarterectomy  Clinical Indications and Outcomes  NASCET and ACAS Studies  Study Limitations  CEA Procedure Volumes
	2.2.2  Carotid Artery Stenting  Targeted Indications  Clinical Trial Results  U.S. Data  Findings Challenged  CREST Trial Design  Potential Market Impact  Carotid Stenting Systems Under Development  Bard Peripheral Technologies Boston Scientific  Cordis  Guidant  Medtronic AVE  Other Market Participants
	2.2.3  Embolic Containment Systems  Targeted Indications  Outcomes  Embolic Containment Systems Under Development Cordis  Boston Scientific  Smaller Market Participants  Embolic Protection, Inc.  Kensey Nash  Microvena Corporation  Percusurge  Other Market Participants
2.3  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
	2.3.1  Surgical Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
	2.3.2  Aortic Aneurysm Repair With Endovascular Stent-Grafts  Necessary Requirements for Successful SG Systems  Limitations of Endovascular AAA Repair  Endoleaks  Preventing Endoleaks  Outcomes from Endoleaks  Endotension  AAA Devices on the Market and Under Development  Guidant  Clinical Trial  Medtronic AVE  AneuRx Stent Graft System  Talent SG  W.L. Gore  Boston Scientific  Cook  Cordis  Edwards Lifesciences  Sulzer Vascutek
2.4  Vascular Puncture Closure Systems
	2.4.1  Traditional Methods of Closure  Limitations and Complications
	2.4.2  Vascular Puncture Closure Devices on the Market and Under Development  Suture-Mediated Closure Systems  Abbott Laboratories  The Closer  Sutura  X-Site  Scion  Collagen Plug Devices  St. Jude Medical/Kensey Nash  Datascope  Combination Products  Vascular Solutions

Exhibit 2-1: Projected Procedure Mix in Interventional Management of Major Cardiovascular Disorders, 2000-2010 (#000)
Exhibit 2-2: U.S. Markets for Novel Cardiovascular Interventional Products, 1999-2010  ($mil)
Exhibit 2-3: Schema of Surgical TMR
Exhibit 2-4: "Outside-In"  Channels of TMR
Exhibit 2-5: Schema of PTMR
Exhibit 2-6:  "Inside-Out"  Channels
Exhibit 2-7: Eclipse's TMR 2000
Exhibit 2-8: Solo-Grip
Exhibit 2-9: Axcis Laser Catheter
Exhibit 2-10: DMR System
Exhibit 2-11: 3D Map
Exhibit 2-12: PeRFmr Catheter
Exhibit 2-13: Participants in the Emerging TMR/PTMR Market
Exhibit 2-14: Photoangioplasty/Vascular Photodynamic Therapy Systems Under Development
Exhibit 2-15: AutoFire System
Exhibit 2-16: AutoFire Catheter
Exhibit 2-17: Selected Therapeutic Angiogenesis Products Under Development
Exhibit 2-18: Application-Specific Carotid Stenting Systems in U.S. Clinical Trials
Exhibit 2-19: EMBOL-X•
Exhibit 2-20: FilterWire
Exhibit 2-21: Participants in the Emerging Percutaneous Embolic Containment System Market
Exhibit 2-22 Ancure System
Exhibit 2-23: Lifepath AAA Graft
Exhibit 2-24: Model of Anaconda
Exhibit 2-25: AAA Endovascular Repair Systems Currently on the Market and in Advanced Trials
Exhibit 2-26: Vasoseal ES
Exhibit 2-27: Duett Balloon Catheter
Exhibit 2-28: Vascular Puncture Closure Device on the U.S. Market and Under Development
Section 3:  Emerging U.S. Markets for Novel Cardiovascular Interventional Products

3.1  Coronary Revascularization Systems
	3.1.1  Transmyocardial Revascularization Product Markets  Projected Growth  Supplier Market Shares
	3.1.2  Photoangioplasty Therapy Market  Projected Growth
	3.1.3  Therapeutic Angiogenesis Market
3.2  Emerging Stroke Prevention Product Markets
	3.2.1  Embolic Containment Systems
	3.2.2  Carotid Artery Stenting Systems  Projected Growth
3.3  Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Product Market
	3.3.1  Market Limitations
	3.3.2  Projected Growth
	3.3.3  Competitive Analysis
3.4  Vascular Puncture Closure Device Market
	3.4.1  Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 3-1: Novel Cardiovascular Therapeutic Modalities, Procedure Volume Forecast, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-2: Novel Cardiovascular Therapy Systems, Market Forecast, 1999-2010 ($ mil)
Exhibit 3-3: TMR/PTMR Patient Caseloads and Procedure Volumes, 1999-2010 (#000)
Exhibit 3-4: U.S. Markets for TMR & PTMR Disposable Kit Products, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-5: Estimated Market Shares of the U.S. Suppliers of TMR Products, 1999
Exhibit 3-6: Projected Dynamics of Coronary Photoangioplasty Procedures
Exhibit 3-7: Emerging U.S. Market for Photoangioplasty Agents
Exhibit 3-8: Projected Dynamics of Coronary Angiogenesis Procedures
Exhibit 3-9: Emerging U.S. Market for Therapeutic Angiogenesis Agents
Exhibit 3-10: Projected Utilization Pattern of Embolic Containment Systems
Exhibit 3-11: Emerging U.S. Market for Embolic Containment Systems
Exhibit 3-12: Carotid Artery Stenosis Patient Caseloads and Procedure Volumes, 1999-2010 (#000)
Exhibit 3-13: Emerging U.S. Market for Carotid Artery Stents, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-14: AAA Patient Caseloads and Procedure Volumes, 1999-2010 (#000)
Exhibit 3-15: U.S. Markets for AAA Repair Endografts, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-16: Estimated 2000 Market Shares of the U.S. Suppliers of AAA Endografts
Exhibit 3-17: Projected Dynamics of Vascular Puncture Closure Procedures, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-18 U.S. Market for Vascular Puncture Closure Devices, 1999-2010
Exhibit 3-19: Market Shares of the U.S. Suppliers of Vascular Puncture Closure Devices, 1999
Section 4:  Company Profiles

4.1  Abbott Laboratories/Perclose
	4.1.1  Perclose
4.2  C.R. Bard
4.3  Boston Scientific Corporation
4.4  Collateral Therapeutics
4.5  Datascope Corporation
4.6  Eclipse Surgical Technologies
4.7  Edwards Lifesciences
4.8  Genentech (Angiogenesis)
4.9  Guidant Corporation
4.10  Johnson & Johnson/Biosense Webster, Cordis
4.11  Medtronic
4.12  PercuSurge, Inc.
4.13  Pharmacyclics
4.14  PLC Systems, Inc.
4.15  St Jude Medical, Inc.


  1. Abbott Laboratories / Perclose
  2. Perclose
  3. C.R. Bard
  4. Boston Scientific Corporation
  5. Collateral Therapeutics
  6. Datascope Corporation
  7. Eclipse Surgical Technologies
  8. Edwards Lifesciences
  9. Genentech (Angiogenesis)
  10. Guidant Corporation
  11. Johnson & Johnson / Biosense Webster, Cordis Medtronic
  12. PercuSurge, Inc.
  13. Pharmacyclics
  14. PLC Systems, Inc.
  15. St Jude Medical, Inc
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