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AMB Surgical II - AMB Surgical's groundbreaking, patented technology is intended to reduce the necessity for invasive and repetitive surgery in children and teens with orthopedic deformities such as scoliosis and limb abnormalities. FLYTE™ smart automated growing rod technology is a sophisticated electro-mechanical, software activated device to provide real-time biomechanical feedback to guide treatment, as well as, allow surgeons to perform accurate, non-surgical skeletal adjustments. (View Sample Presentation)
CorFigo - We are an early stage medical device company developing a product called the HeArTPAD™ intended to treat persistent atrial fibrillation. It is a novel, minimally invasive, video-guided surgical approach (sub-xiphoid or laparoscopic/trans-diaphragmatic) to ablate the posterior wall of the left atrium that can be used concomitantly with an EP catheter ablation. The HeArTPAD Cryo-Ablation System will employ a continuous, high flow rate of very cold gas through a maze like pattern within a broad, flat pad to ablate atrial tissue and overcome the heat sink of blood flowing within the left atrium. (View Sample Presentation)
Epic Neuro - An early stage medical device company in novel, wearable neurostimulation device (utilizes micro implantable) for brain disorders -eg, Stroke Rehab, Epilepsy, Depression, Dementia etc (View Sample Presentation)
Forest Devices - Pre-hospital stroke identification--an ECG for the brain. (View Sample Presentation)
HeartHero - = HeartHero wants to empower anyone, anywhere to save a life by designing and building the highest quality, least expensive automated external defibrillator (AED) on the market. (View Sample Presentation)
HIL Applied Medical - HIL Applied Medical is developing ultra-compact, high-performance systems for cancer Proton Therapy. (View Sample Presentation)
Histologics - Histologics manufactures and markets Internationally multi-patented evidence-based (proven) and burgeoning commercialized technology to acquire a-traumatic mucosal biopsies and perform less traumatic wound care debridement. This replaces traumatic sharp instruments with a patient friendly brush-biopsy approach. The devices employ a proprietary medical fabric "Kylon®", attached to several applicator devices to allow for minimally invasive trans-epithelial and dermal tissue sampling/biopsy and the automatic trapping of specimens for easy transport for laboratory analysis. (View Sample Presentation)
LifeHealth - The company is one of only three companies making and selling bedside, single use blood gas systems. (View Sample Presentation)
NanoVault Medical - Cellular & Biotherapeutics Delivery: utilizing nanotechnology-derived materials to address chronic and costly diseases, These include diabetes related insulin- dependency, a near 100 year old, $43 Billion industry. (View Sample Presentation)
Orthospin LTD - OrthoSpin is developing a smart external fixation system to allow real-time physician follow-up and to reduce dependency on patient compliance. Comprised of a strut powered by a lightweight motor and a control box placed on top of the circular, hexapod fixation frame, OrthoSpin's system automatically and continuously adjusts and lengthens the struts according to the prescribed treatment regimen without patient involvement. (View Sample Presentation)
Trisol Medical - TriSol develops a transcatheter Tricuspid valve replacement, which is delivered during a catheterization procedure. The Trisol valve is constructed out of nitinol frame with specially designed dome-shaped leaflets. Its unique design provides a comprehensive solution to the anatomical and functional challenges which arise when treating Tricuspid regurgitation by a replacement valve. (View Sample Presentation)
VerteCore Technologies - VerteCore Technologies is a medical device development company which creates products addressing orthopedic niche markets. Thru creating innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders, we offer a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, enabling rapid recovery while helping eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery. Three versions of the company's lead device have already been designed with the participation of leading physicians in the orthopedic field. Multiple Patent Pending statuses have been obtained and patent assignment provided into the company. (View Sample Presentation)
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Sample EMT Spotlight Profile
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Presenter: Boaz Assaf, CEO
Financing Status: Seeking Funding
Round: Series C
Amount: $6-$8M
Development Status: CE Marked, Pilot clinical trial completed ready to launch FDA pivotal trial
Sales Projection: $7,725,000 in 2021
Seeking Partners: Financing, M&A, Licensing


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