Presenting Companies at Q1 2018 EMT Spotlight:

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Avancen MOD - Patient controlled analgesia device for pain management (View Sample Presentation)
Betalin Therapeutics - Tissue engineering alternative for insulin therapy in diabetes (View Sample Presentation)
ClearCut Medical - Magnetic resonance imaging system intended for the assessment of the margins of excised breast lumps taken from breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery or lumpectomy procedures (View Sample Presentation)
ContinUse Biometrics - Sensor platform that can continuously monitor physiological state, including heart and respiratory rate, blood flow dynamics, and muscle activity, from a distance of up to several hundred meters (View Sample Presentation)
CSD Labs - Clinically verified medical software for the objective, automated detection of heart defects (View Sample Presentation)
Dermala - Advanced acne treatment systems. (View Sample Presentation)
DxNOW - Combining novel portable bio-imaging systems with microfluidic-based consumables, their products address applications in male fertility, forensics, renal dialysis, cancer, hematology, infectious disease, and life science research. (View Sample Presentation)
EarlySense - Non-intrusive patient monitoring systems that facilitate timely intervention for cardiac/respiratory deterioration (View Sample Presentation)
Efferent Labs - Implantable biosensor technology designed to serve as a real-time monitoring system, using living cells to assess cellular function in vivo (View Sample Presentation)
ElastiMed - Compression stocking made from smart materials that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow (View Sample Presentation)
Engage Therapeutics - Easy-to-use, hand-held drug-device combination product for use in the cessation of active and acute epileptic seizures (View Sample Presentation)
Flowonix - Implantable, programmable pump designed to deliver therapeutic drugs into the spine, for the treatment of chronic intractable pain and the management of severe spasticity (View Sample Presentation)
Genomic Expression - Genomic Expression have made RNA sequencing actionable in oncology: we are finding the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug (View Sample Presentation)
ID-NEST Medical - Easy-to-use and compliant 'click-connect' stenting system to treat venous and arterial diseases (View Sample Presentation)
IonMed - Advanced tissue welding enabled by cold plasma (View Sample Presentation)
LifeWave Biomedical - Developing a digital health, non-invasive RF sensor and AI analytics system that improves care management of patients living with: 1) respiratory distress and lung diseases and 2) congestive heart failure (CHF) in hospital, ambulatory, and home settings. (View Sample Presentation)
NEOFECT - Game-based rehabilitation devices and exercises for patients with neurological, central nervous system, and musculoskeletal injuries such as stroke (View Sample Presentation)
NimbleHeart - FDA approved, wearable, dry electrode based real time ambulatory ECG for long term monitoring of at risk population (View Sample Presentation)
NuCryo Vascular - A cryoplasty balloon dilatation system (View Sample Presentation)
OB Smart - A home use device to accurately measure dilation and effacement of the cervix (View Sample Presentation)
OcuSciences - Non-invasive, rapid, quantitative measurement of metabolic health of the retina using a novel spectroscopic biomarker (View Sample Presentation)
Peerwell - Pre- and post-surgical patient care app, to help improve outcomes and lower complications and costs after joint replacement surgery (View Sample Presentation)
PhotoniCare - Technology that enables quick, easy, and accurate diagnostic assessment of middle ear health during routine examinations (View Sample Presentation)
RFPi - Real-time, non-invasive medical imaging to provide immediate visualization and quantification of blood flow and perfusion without injections/dyes, radiation or the need for direct patient contact (View Sample Presentation)
Robin Medical - New core biopsy technology that has been optimized to minimize the duration of image-guided biopsy procedures while addressing the specific needs of targeted medicine - to better preserve biomarker, to maximize the ratio between biopsy sample size and needle size, to streamline and automate the processing of the biopsy samples in the pathology lab. (View Sample Presentation)
Stepscan Technologies - Movement tracking and gait profiling technology company with solutions for medical gait analysis, security, and virtual training platforms (View Sample Presentation)
SurePulse Medical - Innovative heart rate monitor for newborns providing a continuous, reliable and hands-free heart rate within minutes after birth. Reduces time spent in intensive care. Technology includes a single-use Cap which integrates a sensor and a reusable Display with wireless Modules. (View Sample Presentation)
Velico Medical - A spray-dried plasma product to improve the survival rate of patients suffering from blood loss (View Sample Presentation)
Vigor Medical Technologies - Life-saving innovative devices for treatment of chest trauma and for thoracic/abdominal drainage (View Sample Presentation)

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Sample EMT Spotlight Profile

Below is a sample profile from our last event. This type of insight is available for every company being profiled in our Q4 Spotlight.

Presenter: Boaz Assaf, CEO
Financing Status: Seeking Funding
Round: Series C
Amount: $6-$8M
Development Status: CE Marked, Pilot clinical trial completed ready to launch FDA pivotal trial
Sales Projection: $7,725,000 in 2021
Seeking Partners: Financing, M&A, Licensing

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