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European Markets for Arrhythmia Management Products (2001)
278 Pages | 76 Exhibits | 2001 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2005 | Relavancy 1
Heart disease is the world's leading cause of death for both men and women among all racial and ethnic groups. Each year, arrhythmia disease claims approximately 400,000 lives and costs up to $30 billion in combined healthcare spending in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In 1999, cardiac rhythm management devices were used in more than 683,000 elective and emergency arrhythmia procedures on patients in these European countries. As life expectancies in the Western Euro...[Read More]

U.S. Markets for Drug and Fluid Delivery Devices (2001)
253 Pages | 73 Exhibits | 2001 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2005 | Relavancy 1
Pharmacological therapy is the preferred treatment method for the management of virtually all common medical disorders that warrant therapeutic intervention. To date, the Food and Drug Administration has cleared approximately 37,000 prescription drug products for marketing in the U.S. These products account for more than 70% of the national consumption of pharmaceuticals. In the year 2000, U.S. pharmacies processed approximately 2.7 billion prescriptions; total sales of prescription and ov...[Read More]

U.S. Markets for Clinical Laboratory Products (2001)
451 Pages | 96 Exhibits | 2001 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2005 | Relavancy 1
In conjunction with the on-going evolution of healthcare delivery in the U.S., the clinical laboratory products market has also undergone broad restructuring. Suppliers are facing an increasingly challenging environment due to changing customer requirements. Although cost containment is the overriding determinant driving change in the industry, other considerations that are playing important roles include the need to maintain the quality of healthcare in the face of reduced resources; the i...[Read More]

Emerging Medical Marketplace Overview Latin America: Argentina (2001)
206 Pages | 50 Exhibits | 2001 Analysis | Forecasts Through | Relavancy 1
[Read More]

Strategic Growth Opportunities in Cardiovascular Interventional Product Markets, 2000-2010 (2000)
200 Pages | 60 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2010 | Relavancy 1
This report is a detailed market and technology assessment and forecast of the current and emerging products in interventional cardiology. The report addresses the current state of development of these technologies, including an assessment of the market size and competitor shares for companies with products on the market. The report assesses current status and outlook for development of the technologies, products and markets, providing a ten-year forecast of the evolution of the market descr...[Read More]

Osteoporosis Products: Opportunities and Trends in U.S. Markets (2000)
139 Pages | 46 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2004 | Relavancy 1
Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mineral density, which contributes to weakened bone tissue and a propensity for fractures, and is one of the major contributors to orthopedic injuries, especially in women. Although the disease is not restricted to women, and many factors contribute to the cause of osteoporosis, the most significant factor for women is menopause. The population of postmenopausal women is rapidly increasing as the baby boom generation reaches middle age, and demographics is e...[Read More]

Opportunities in U.S. Gynecological Medicine Markets (2000)
502 Pages | 142 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2004 | Relavancy 1
Gynecological medicine products represent a major, dynamic, and rapidly growing market in the U.S. Factors driving this market include the aging of the female population, accompanied by advances in medical treatments for conditions that affect adult women of all ages. This has resulted in greatly increased demand for healthcare products for the management of benign uterine conditions, contraception, incontinence, infertility, and osteoporosis. New pharmaceutical compounds are expected to ...[Read More]

U.S. Gynecology, Clinician Survey (2000)
224 Pages | 105 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through | Relavancy 1
Gynecology encompasses a variety of medical concerns, conditions, and procedures that approach the horizontal scope of primary care--many women consider their gynecologist to be their primary care physician--while simultaneously providing the vertical depth of a specialty via its interventional caseloads. With both the scope of services offered and large number of practitioners, gynecologists make an attractive target for medical companies. This report from Medtech Insight provides clien...[Read More]

European Markets for Cardiovascular Diagnostics, 2000-2005 (2000)
400 Pages | 102 Exhibits | 2000 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2005 | Relavancy 1
Cardiovascular diseases impose a heavy socioeconomic burden on European healthcare systems. In the five largest European countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, a total of $110 to $115 billion is spent annually for the management of cardiovascular disorders. Of this total, approximately $40 billion is spent for treating coronary heart disease, more than $15 billion for stroke, $12 billion for hypertensive disease, and approximately $8 billion for congestive heart ...[Read More]

U.S. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories: End-User Product and Procedure Utilization Assessment (1999)
346 Pages | 201 Exhibits | 1999 Analysis | Forecasts Through | Relavancy 1
The cardiac catheterization laboratory, or cath lab, is one of the busiest and most device-intensive areas of the hospital. This report provides product suppliers with information obtained directly from 119 cath lab directors concerning procedure volumes and trends, product and supplier preferences, product purchase decision-making responsibilities, and factors impacting cath lab operations and performance. Some of the specific findings that came directly from the survey include: *The ...[Read More]

Opportunities in U.S. Markets for Neonatal/Perinatal Monitoring and Treatment Products (1999)
324 Pages | 114 Exhibits | 1999 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2003 | Relavancy 1
One of neonatal/perinatal medicine's major goals is to develop techniques that increase the survivability of newborns at risk from disease, congenital disorders, or abnormal conditions of birth. The development of these techniques and the products required to deliver them are the focus of this report from Medtech Insight. The demand for neonatal and perinatal products and services is driven by two factors-the number of annual births, and the share of those births that require an increased...[Read More]

U.S. Markets for Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Devices (1999)
395 Pages | 121 Exhibits | 1999 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2003 | Relavancy 1
The future holds strong growth for the overall cardiovascular surgery products market, however, as new technologies evolve, significant shifts in market share for several product segments are also expected. Cardiovascular surgery techniques, among the most invasive and costly therapeutic options available, are seeing increased competition from less-invasive transcatheter and endovascular alternatives. Included in this report from Medtech Insight is an overview of cardiovascular disease manag...[Read More]

Disease Incidence and Prevalence: Europe, Japan, Russian Federation and Australia (1998)
299 Pages | 154 Exhibits | 1998 Analysis | Forecasts Through | Relavancy 1
Geographic expansion represents one of today\'s most important growth opportunities for medical device manufacturers. Which markets are most appropriate for your company? Only with reliable patient population data can you make informed strategic planning decisions for: gauging international market opportunities; making sales and revenue projections; and distribution and sales territory decisions. This reference resource compiled by Medtech Insight profiles 20 international markets, rangi...[Read More]

Opportunities in Global Medical Devices & Diagnostics (2010)
570 Pages | 154 Exhibits | 2010 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2014 | Relavancy 1
The global medical device and diagnostics (MD&D) industry experienced negligible growth in 2009 as the worldwide economic downturn produced cutbacks in hospital capital budgets and reductions in selected hospital admissions and elective surgeries. Uncertainty regarding changes in the U.S. health care system, coupled with continued severe cost constraints on global health care systems in general, have sustained this trend into early 2010. Although demographics and the growing prevalence o...[Read More]

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